Granite is a widely popular stone

Granite delivers a nearly unbeatable combination of jaw-dropping beauty and ease of maintenance. Granite is a naturally occurring rock that is formed deep within the earth’s crust. Granite has been used for centuries as an exceptionally durable construction material, granite has been used to build everything from temples to sculptures It's key characteristics such as extreme hardness, resistance to staining and scratching, and distinctive mineral patterning, granite countertops play a central role in countless modern kitchen makeovers.



Scratch Resistance

Granite scores a 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This means that very few minerals can scratch it. While you can cut on granite, this isn’t recommended.


Low Maintenance

The likelihood of needing to be repaired or resurfaced is low.  Granite that is properly sealed creates a durable protectant to normal every day use.



Granite is a naturally made material. There hasn’t been, and never will be, another granite countertop that exactly matches yours.


Quality Tiers

Granite comes in a variety of tiers which means it can work in your budget. Lower tiered granite can still look beautiful without the hefty price tag.



Porus Material

If liquids are left on the surface for long periods of time, they will eventually absorb. Typically a seal is applied to granite to prevent this, but some staining liquids if left untreated could soak through.


Repair Options

Granite is difficult to damage. However, if it does sustain significant damage, repairs can be costly, difficult or not even possible.